Trophies and Awards

Unique Bespoke Design and manufacture

Here at Funky Lemon Design, we are renowned for providing high quality finished products, which has allowed us to excel in producing flawless custom and bespoke trophies for awards and events.

Why use us?

Using a wealth of experienced model making skills and knowledge, combined with leading edge modern methods and facilities, such as laser cutting, we’re more than capable in achieving intricate details in our products, which is perfect for trophy design and manufacture. With this set of experience, skills and facilities, fine text and engraved logos are not as difficult or time consuming for us. This results in our customers saving money when it comes to consulting Funky Lemon Design for their design projects.

Which Materials?

We’re stocked with a vast range of materials, so there’s no need to worry when it comes to what our customers want their trophies to be constructed from. We tend to use acrylic sheet as it’s particularly popular in the laser cutting industry for trophy manufacture as it machines cleanly, easily and is available in every colour imaginable and can be obtained in thicknesses from 1mm to 100mm or more. A range of wood is also popular as it’s able to be laser cut and engraved too. The vibrant grain, texture and shades achievable through laser cutting and varnishing make wood a beautiful alternative to acrylic.

Many companies have approached us to provide them with trophy design and manufacture, such as Gravity automotive, SlammedUK, Mimms, LowCollective and many more, so why not contact us and be our next customer?

Commissioning a trophy or award is easy, and we are here to help and advise you. Please contact us, either by email or telephone and we can talk you through the process.