Stage, Sets & Props

Large scale projects are no stranger to us here at Funky Lemon Design. Our past projects with IKEA, providing large interactive retail displays, sweeping landscape models for various housing development firms, and more, have proved that size doesn’t affect quality. Utilised with a large indoor and outdoor premises, project size doesn’t show a problem for us! Along with an array or power tools, multiple person team with vast manufacturing experience, we can get your stage sets and props completed in a reduced time and at the same high level quality you’d expect from us with any other design and manufacturing project. Our large stock of materials don’t limit us to what we can make your products out of, and if we don’t have it in stock, we have a range of suppliers whom we can contact to order other materials in for us. Our large scale projects have been made of an array of woods, including mdf, plywood and chipboard as well as plastics, such as acrylic as well as a variation of foams, like expanded & extruded polyester and polyurethane. These materials are popular for large scale projects for their ability to be easily shaped whilst maintaining a strong and secure structure, as well as being quite low priced to use in large sizes. Fibreglass is also utilised by us and is popular for creating solid shells for sets and props as it’s able to be shaped to almost any surface shape and set absolutely solid afterwards.

Whether you have a large show up ahead, or require marketing props and displays, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can provide advice, offers and a quote.