With a team of engineering designers, we’re greatly experienced in the fields of product design and manufacture with some of us holding a Ba Honours degree in model design as well as art and design technology certificates. It’s fair to say we’re not strangers to manipulating materials to achieve different shapes other than their original form. To do this we use a range of materials, such as extruded polystyrene foam, which is a low cost material that’s easy to cut and shape, whilst maintaining a strong supportive structure to make our sculptures strong, rugged and long lasting. But that’s not the only material we can use! We’re stocked with a wide range of foams, plastics and woods which we can utilise to achieve the strongest, shaped and best looking sculpture for you. We’ve used sculpturing techniques and experience to create landscape models for construction companies, creating sweeping hills and changes in ground level. On top of this, our abilities to dress up sculptures with paint and decoration knows no bounds. With our landscape models, we’ve used a range of paint, textures, felt, shrubbery and trees to decorate the sculptures, making them really pop and seem lifelike.