Stadium Seating Concept - Display Model
Clients - Sarner international
Model scale – 1:15

Approached with various sketches and cad design drawings we were commissioned to produce an accurate concept model of a new stadium seating idea. The stadium viewing pod would be the first in the world to offer the audience a true 360 degree view of the action as it happens, creating a truly unique and unrivalled experience as the pod slowly cruises around giving he viewers an unrivalled experience. This model would be used to help prospective customers, financial backers and other important dignitaries gain a better understanding and appreciation of the concept in full physical and spatial reality.

Model features and details
The model stadium structure was mainly constructed from sculpted acrylic block, expanded polyurethane foam and resin cast parts. The gloss white and metallic paint finishes were airbrush applied enamel paint. The seating pod includes details such as bespoke hand sculpted “Recaro style” race seats with a matt rubber finish and vacuum formed compound curved transparent screen.