Client: Aeralis
1:12 scale

Aeralis are a British Based Aircraft design and manufacturing company. They have design the world’s first modular military aircraft system. The idea is to make one aircraft that is suitabe for all sorts of military missions. The modular design allows all aspects of the aircraft to be easily changed (cockpit, wings, engins) and therefore the same aircraft can be used for many different flying styles.

Aeralis Contacted Funky Lemon Design in need of a scale model replica of the modular aircraft. The model was to be used as a display piece at an upcoming Military DSEI (Defence and security Equiptment International) exibition show. The model had to clearly showcase the aircraft and all its interchangable modular components.


The model was produced using CNC sculpted foam. Most components had to be routed in several parts and glued together to form the final shape. The foam was then coated in several resin coats to form a strong outer shell. Each part had to thoroughly sanded after the resin coats.

Next we added the base colours to each part along with vinyl stickers before a final clear coat to finish. Each modular part was held together using clear acrylic rods. These allowed us to show the JET in an exploded format to clearly demonstrate the modular capability of the design. To further show this the modular engines were mounted under the aircraft down the main support shaft of the model.

Both the wings and engines were made removable for ease of transport.

We also made the modular cockpits interchangeable on the model so they could display either when at the show and demonstrate physically how the cockpits can be changed with ease.

Transport Box

To Transport the model we supplied an aluminium flight case with custom foam inserts. Both the stand and model fit within the box so everything is kept together. The foam fit snug around each component to ensures the model doesn’t rattle around and prevents it being damaged or scratched. We also added straps so the main body of the model could be lifted out of the box without any trouble. The case was also fitted with casters, making it easy to wheel around.