Client- Hill + Knowlton Strategies for Arla Milk
Scale: 1:100

Hill and Knowlton came to us in collaboration with Arla Milk to help them promote there environmentally friendly farms in way of a Bee Hotel Model. Arla wanted to showcase their love for the environment, more specifically the preservation of bee habitats.

The Bee Road Movement

Arla farm owners are on a mission to save the bees by creating a network of bee pit stops across their farms & in gardens across the country. This is where Funky Lemon Design stepped in to create a replica model of one of Arla milks farms (Curlew Fields Farm) as a Bee Hotel. The models purpose is to creatively promote the bee road movement in the Arla advertising campaign while fully functioning as an actual Bee Hotel.

The model included a bee hotel (farm house/farm out buildings) which bees could fly in and out of. The bee bath (farm pond) was made to hold water so the bees could actually drink from it. We added large rocks in the pond so the bees could land easily. Finally the bee road (wild flower stretch). To achieve an accurate replica we used a series of images supplied by the farmer himself (Roger Hildreth) along with plenty of referrals to google maps.

The model was built using our standard architectural model techniques. The landscaping was achieved using a variety of high quality gravels, bushes, trees, foliage materials and static grass colors.

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