Client- Redfort Indian Restraint

Redfort came to Funky Lemon Design requiring new signage and interior seating separator fretworks. Redford had the signs and fretwork pattern all designed prior to contacting us. We took their designs and helped bring them to life.


The signs consisted of laser cut acrylic lettering and logos painted with colour matched automotive paint. These were then mounted on matt black acrylic backboards. The web address and phone numbers on one of the signs were engraved into the surface of the matt black acrylic. We installed the signs using a laser level and Snapfix sign standoffs. On the back of the black acrylic we mounted the acrylic “ball” part of the fixings. Then we used a template piece to ensure we secured the cup part of the fixings to the wall in the correct position.  Then we simply snapped he signs into place on the wall.


First we took a trip to the restraint to measure all the apertures the frets would be filling. One challenged we faced was the openings not being square due to the building being very old. To overcome this we decided to add a slight boarder to the fret design that we trim to fit on the day. We pre painted each 6mm MDF panel using colour matched paint. Each fret was then laser cut to the specific dimensions. On install day it was just a case of trimming each fret slightly to fit and securing them in place using pre painted trim strips either side.