Product design and manufacture

Parrs produce sewing rulers to aid sewing enthusiasts in producing intricate free motion designs. However they came to us with a new product idea. This idea was a universal sewing extension table that could fit and work with any sewing machine on the market. An extension table is a useful tool as it increases the size of the working area on your sewing machine. This is vital when working on large quilts or any other large material. To achieve these parameters we had to create a table with an adjustable sewing matching opening along with adjustable leg heights. We went through a number of design changes before we ended up with the final product (Parrs End Table).

To keep the manufacturing costs as low as possible we design the table to be manufactured entirely in-house. The leg holders are constructed using 3 layers of laser cut acrylic. The two outer layers have 6M nuts sunk into them. The middle part that holds the nuts apart has a hole in the middle for the bolt to pass through. The adjustable legs themselves are made from a 6M bolt with a bolt cap on the end. This design is cheap to produce but works perfectly.

The table itself is made from laser cut 5mm acrylic. The ruler, logo and web address are engraved and etched on the underside of the table. This ensures the top surface of the table remains smooth. Both the front and back of the table are then line bent at 90 degrees. Line bending these parts maintain the smooth surface of the table from front to back. This means there are no sharp edges the material can get caught on and therefore the material can slide over the table smoothly.

The table can be purchased with a number of different inserts that fit specific sewing machines. The insert is simply placed on the adjustable sliders before securing the supports in place using the wing nuts provided. Once set up properly your machine will fit snug into the space left open.