Gro Bros came to us with a design drawing and explained their requirements. They wanted 100 trays that looked similar to garden trugs. The Gro Bros Company sell fresh grown herbs. They will arrive to you in these trug trays for easy handling. The trays are then returned and reused with each order.

They are made using laser cut and engraved 3mm ply. Ply is very strong for its weight so enabled us to make strong but relatively lightweight trays. It was also the perfect material choice as we could make the handles from it too. We had to cut the handles to a certain orientation on the ply. This was because ply only bents easily in one direction hue to the grain direction.

We used their design to draw up the laser cutting files. The only change we made was to the handle securing system. In the original design the handle was to be fixed permanently to the tray. We came up with a system which allowed the handles to be fixed securely but could also be removed when required. This is useful when it comes to storing and transporting the trays.

The large number of compliments received, during the initial introduction of trug trays, meant Gro Bros came back for an additional order and also asked us to design a half size trug to enable them to offer customers even more choice. The only real change, other than the dimensions, was the thin 1.5mm ply handles had to be used instead of 3mm. After testing we found the curve required for the smaller trays simply placed to much pressure on the wood and cracks started to appear after only a few hours. Different thickness testing led us to come to the decision that 1.5mm was the best thickness for the job at hand.