Client - All Manner of Events

Our clients required a circular cake stand that would light up and that could divide into two parts when necessary. The stand is to be used at weddings, parties and other themed events, so having many different lighting options would allow the stand to fit in at all events. The three teared centre piece stand is design to hold and display food or drinks in a stand out way.
The cake stand we designed is made from laser cut, white gloss acrylic with clear acrylic extrusions as supports. The walls that divide the three tires were line bent and trimmed to fit. We then secured these walls to each tire level with a solvent and used clear acrylic right angled fillets to strengthen the joins. On the inside of the stand we used clear acrylic posts between each tire to strengthen the middle of each section.

One challenge we had to overcome was ensuring both halves of the stand, when pushed together would line up perfectly to minimise the visibility of the join.
Once the stand was complete it was time to add the LED lighting. We used an LED strip tape which uses addressable LEDS. This allows the tape to have hundreds of different lighting patterns programed into it. Each LED can be programed individually. This tape was cut to fit each individual section of the stand. We then had to solder each strip together is a specific configuration so the lights could be used when the stand was being used as just one half or as a complete circle. We had to get the LED strip wiring correct so that the light patterns would flow in the correct direction when using either of the stand configurations.