Bespoke Signs and Plaques

We have made a wide variety of signs over the years using many different materials ranging from woods to acrylics. Using our laser cutter we have the ability to engrave, etch or cut out sign details to give them depth and a unique layered build. We can also colour match logos to replicate them with 100% accuracy. We use automotive spray paints and a clear coat to ensure long life and durability. We can also offer our instillation services. A common instillation method is using sign mount stand offs. These allow us to mount signs onto almost any surface or wall (ply, plaster, brick, concrete walls ext.) 

We specialise in unique creative 3D constructed sign work, not your everyday printed signage.  Although we don’t print in-house, printing can be incorporated into a design if required. E.g. printing directly onto acrylic and then cut into any shape.

We also have the ability to add lighting or CNC routed 3D parts to your signage, making it even more unique and eye catching. Examples of both these features can be seen on our very own Funky Lemon Design Sign in our workshop. Using our CNC router we machined the lemon out of medium density polyurethane model board and the paint splat from low density polyurethane foam model board. These parts were then sanded and coated in resin to give them a hard outer shell. We then had to sand them smooth before adding colour and a final hard wearing clear coat. Finally we glued the two parts together using a 2 part epoxy adhesive.

We achieved the coloured lighting behind the logo and social icons using a frosted acrylic back piece lit using LED strip tape. The frosted acrylic takes in the light and glows bright making it perfect for illuminating sign features.