Client: - Ingleton Wood
Model scale – 1:150

Ingleton Wood is a multi-disciplinary property and construction consultancy, providing a wide range of services across the majority of industry sectors including commercial, health, education, defence, residential and community. They contacted Funky Lemon Design needing an architectural model to help get a school extension through planning.

This model was different to others we have done. We built the existing school buildings in low detail, using grey board. However the new proposed extension was built in high detail to clearly show all the colours, textured and featured accurately.

One challenge we faced on this model was the recessed windows. We have never built a model with these type of windows before. To achieve them we used thin strips of MDF sanded to the correct depth and angle. They were all hand made to fit each specific opening, painted and then fitted individually. Finally the window material was then fitted behind the custom window frames.

We used low detailed, stylised trees, people and cars in this model as the main focus was on the new proposed building works.