6x Giant Acrylic Light Up Cubes
Clients - Eureka Wales + Swansea Council
Model dimensions – 1250mm(w) x 1250mm(d) x 1500mm(h)

We were approached by the production company Eureka Wales, appointed by Swansea council to organise the 2018 cristmas parade, with the idea of having some light up cubes made which would be mounted on a flat backed lorry as part of the parade display. We worked alongside them to come up with a design for the final appearance and construction for these 6 large light casting cubes using a combination of wood and acrylic.

Model features and details
The framework of the boxes were constructed using 9mm laser cut plywood panels. These were then fixed together using box joints on every edge to form perfect cubes. The cubes were then laminated with clear 3mm acrylic panels before 5mm black external panels were adhered to the outside to complete the main construction. The boxes were then fitted with twist lock lids so the interior lighting could be easily installed. 4 of the 6 cubes sit flat of their 9mm ply bases. The other 2 stand up on their point inside triangular shaped bases which the cubes corner sites inside. Each base was produced from 18mm ply and metal brackets for strength. Each was laminated with 3mm silver acrylic mirror to give the illusion that the cubes were floating. Two of the cubes, with snowflake design, stood within the triangular base on thier points. the remaining 4 cubes sat square on thiere mirrored bases with two cubes having a tree design laser cut into it and the final two had text on all 5 visible sides. The text read, Joy Peace Love. On one cube it was in English and the other was in welsh.

Model Delivery and Transportation
We decided that a dedicated, arcticulated lorry delivery, was the best option as we couldn’t risk the goods being damaged in transport. Delivering this way ensures the light boxes are moved the minimum amount of times possible. They would be lifted into place using a forklift and stay in place until the arrival at a film studios in wales. We at Funky Lemon Design have close links with local freight companies so organising the loading and transport was simple and straight forward