St Marys Lodge, Hackney, London
Client - J.S.A John Stebbibg Architects
Model scale 1:50

This style of architectural model is sometimes referred to as a contextual model or a massing model. This type of model omits any material finish, colours and textures and often does not include many of the specific details for the development buildings as well as hard and soft landscape features. This can be particularly useful with regards to gaining spatial insight which sometimes cannot be appreciated when viewing digital plans and elevations.

This model was manufactured from card wood and acrylic materials and part of the brief was that it was required to be made in four A1 size parts. This model was to be updated in the future as the plans and designs developed. It would be used for both public consultation and planning meetings at various stages throughout the development of the site therefore four quarter section, each A1 in plan, would mean it could easily fit within the boot of a large car.