Scale Architectural Model of Buildings Corner Section to Assist Planning Application
Clients - John Stebbing Architects Ltd
Model scale – 1:10

Architectural models can be a very useful and powerful tool utilised during the planning application process to help describe fundamental design features and overall look of many of the unique elements. A scale model such as this will also be considered an accurate representation of the proposed build and can help turn ideas and visions in to physical and spatial reality. This basic Architectural presentation model shows the corner section of a proposed synagogue design and features an elevation which represents an engraved concrete panel system and a unique, multi layered, metal grill façade which covers the entire face of the longest elevation.

Model features and details

The main internal structure, which was considered a less important aspect of the model, would be represented in low detail therefore was produced from MDF using box joints whereas the two external elevations would need to be constructed in a higher level of detail to allow planners to appreciate the aesthetics as well as considering construction details.