3 x Audiometric sound rooms - Sales Tool And Exhibition Display Models
Clients - Otometrics UK
Model scale – 1:6

We were given the task of creating three miniature scale versions of the range of audiometric sound booths offered in otometrics current line-up. These scale models main use would be as a display piece for exhibition use as this is much cheaper alternative to taking the real life-sized booths to each exhibition which as you can imagine is not an easy task. The other use would be as a sales tool to help inform the potential customers and also to help them come to a decision on aspects such as furniture and equipment location within the booth space itself. This was achieved through the modelling of the real life equipment with the addition of strong but small neodymium magnets and a soft velour material to cover the magnets and to also ensure the parts do not mark or scratch the metal internal wall skins. Due to the brief requesting the models were able to be stored safely and secure and also enable the user to easily transport the selected sound booth model to the potential customer's location, we designed a set of bespoke boxes which were foam lined for protection and allowed easy access to the model by means of a removable bottom panel. This avoids having to awkwardly lift the models in and out of each protective box and instead the entire top can be unclipped and carefully lifted away to leave the scale model sat on the base of the box. Removal of the model from the base alone means there is less likely to be accidents and breakages and should increase the longevity of the model use.

Model features and details
The three model sound booths were constructed mainly from acrylic with the addition of metal skinned internal walls and a wood panel floor covering any external area around the base of each model. The internal magnetic components were sculpted from various densities of polyurethane model board which was then resin skinned and painted to match the company logo colour. The addition of a scratch resistant laminated vinyl print to one external wall, on two of the model booths, would give the viewer an idea of what it could look like if a vinyl wrapped option was desired.