Scale Models - Presentation + Display

Scale model

If you require a presentation model for an event or exhibition then contact us now to discuss your requirements.

Presentation and display models come in all shapes, sizes and complexities and funky Lemon can lighten your project responsibility burden by handling all you model needs. We use a multitude of machines, tools and skills, both cutting edge and the traditional, to produce well executed high quality works to convey the story or message the model was intended to deliver. Presentation models can convey a message or display data to allow the viewer to get an insight into the concept or idea. Presentation models are also used for size evaluation, styling concepts and very often for marketing and advertising as well as many other areas. We can also design any supply any advertising media to support your presentation from leaflets, posters and advertising pop up banners to full exhibition design and installations.

If you would like to find out more detail about the interactive displays we designed and constructed then follow this link portfolio

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