Diorama's and landscape Models

Diorama Model

Clients - Citroën + Performance Communications

Model scale 1:43

To celebrate Sébastien Loeb and Daniel Elena's unrivalled nine FIA World Rally Championship titles, Citroën commissioned a World Rally Championship diorama. From the snow and ice of Rally landscapes of Sweden to the iconic ruins of the Acropolis Rally, the 1:43 scale model, which has been moulded to a Citroën DS3, the same model with which Loeb and Elena won their ninth title - showcasing nine different rally terrains; one for every championship win.

To construct his model an expanded polyurethane foam material was used to create a cast of the entire upper surfaces of the vehicle. This was then shaped to represent a nine stage rally with rocks, stone, architectural and road furniture details added followed by soft landscape materials. The model had to be easily transportable to various venues across the county and refitted to a DS3 for displaying so it was cut in to three sections. One for the bonnet, one for the windscreen and a final part for the roof section. We also created three bespoke cradles which the parts would individually sit in for storage and transit. Each scale model car for this display included the livery from one of the rallies in which Citroën had won the championship that year. The model was unveiled during an event hosted by the Society of Motor Manufactures and Trader (SMMT) in London followed by a country wide tour.

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