Ikea Interactive Retail Displays

Design, Construct, Install

Adding interactive elements to a display or exhibition can really draw potential customers in and is also an easy way to inform with an entertaining twist, often turning, what some customers may see as "boring", in to an exciting and fun centre piece which sticks in peoples thoughts and provokes conversations about your brand or products. Here at Funky Lemon We can take your initial ideas and concepts and turn them into working designs and ultimately a well finished display or model piece.

Point of sale displays and models are often used to influence a purchase at a retail outlet or a place that a customer interaction, leading to a sale, will take place. We have designed, constructed, delivered and installed interactive displays for Hanergy and Ikea, across all Ikea stores throughout the UK and Ireland, Netherlands and all stores within Switzerland.

If you would like to find out more detail about the interactive displays we designed and constructed then follow this link portfolio

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