The creative juices are always flowing at Funky Lemon design. Our team of creatives are highly skilled and highly motivated, we do not shy away from a challenge as problem solving is essentially what we do best. We do not just limit ourselves to traditional model design and making, graphic design and laser cutting, we work in vast array of creative sectors as many of our skills are transferable and you will find that adding that twist of funky lemon to your project can add a positive zing to any creative outcome. Model making is the art of blending the unique composition of problem solving skills, creative techniques and material knowledge, to turn ideas and visions in to physical and spatial reality.

Model designing encompasses such a large variation of model types from intricate detailed architectural models to the large scale exhibition displays and prototypes. No matter what you’re specific model making or designing needs we can help. We have many years of experience designing and building models of all types which are often sent across the world by lorry, boat or plane. This normally incorporates designing and constructing bespoke shipping boxes and containers to ensure safe transit to the location the parts are required. With this in mind you can be confident that even the most delicate models will travel on time and in a safe manner.

No matter how obscure your next creative project is contact a member of our team to see how we can help.To find out more information regarding the services we can offer please read trough a few of the links on the right of this page or click the contact us button below to be taken to our contacts page. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Did you know we also offer Laser Cutting & Design services?