We offer custom built display cases for models; This is usually preferable for keeping models dust and dirt free whilst away from pokey fingers

Options vary and are project dependant. We prefer to hand deliver and install models ourselves using our experienced team of model makers. We can also package and send your model via a courier. Regardless models are always well packaged to ensure safe transit; We can and will produce bespoke packaging where needed such as shipping boxes and flight cases.

We welcome amendments and updates to be sent through as soon as they become available. We will try to accommodate these free of charge but extensive amounts of re-modelling and construction will be charged at the end of the project, but will be discussed prior to the work being completed

Construction times will vary from project to project, however we can provide a rough time estimation based on the information we are provided with about what we have to build. Alternatively we can work to a set deadline and design a models construction method and specifications to meet your model needs.

The more comprehensive information we are provided with the better / more accurate model we can then produce. For some projects a verbal conversation or a few emails back and forth will suffice. If we are producing a more complex model such as a scale architectural model more information will typically be required. This includes anything from site plans, elevations, architects drawings, photos, colour references, building details (such as window / door frames, brick colours, cladding) the more information the better.

Quotations are usually valid for a two month period, however, this is not set in stone and may be worth contact us if this will be an issue.

We have the capabilities to open most filetypes (PDF's, AI's, PSD's, DWG's, DXFs's, JPG's, Word documents, and more). You can email us any files in an attachment or if the files are too lage / too many for email it may be best to set up a dropbox folder or we can set up an FTP on our secure server, we can assist with any difficulties using these methods, so please contact us.

Ideally as much information as possible, the more information we are provided with the more accurate the quotation we provide will be. We can however provide you with a ball park figure from any information you can provide at all.

No, we have provided models for both local and international clients. Models shipped out internationally are carefully and securely packaged to prevent damage in transit. We have previously fulfilled long term international contracts with companies such as Hanergy solar / IKEA stores, which involved the shipping of large delicate display models all across Europe and Switzerland.

Model prices can vary significantly depending upon the projects specifications. Pricing variables take into account such things as: The size, scale, level of detail, materials, delivery, installation, scope of the project and more, making it difficult to give a definitive answer. However, we can provide you with an estimation based on any information you can provide us with. The more information provided the better.