Eductional Models

We understand that some customers require models that don’t just serve as a display or art piece, but a model that would be used to educate and help others to understand points you want to get across. These sort of projects require more than just a flawless finish that’s nice to view, but features such as scaling, cutaways and information blocks to educate and inform people on what’s going on underneath the surface and how it all works. These models are commonly used in the industrial workplace to train employees on machinery in how they’re used, what they do and the different components included, as well as information centres and museums.

In the past we’ve worked on a range of educational models for some well-known companies, providing them with models to enable them to show others what they do…

We designed and produced a nuclear reactor cutaway model that displayed what the reactor appears like on the outside, but also the different components and units inside. This was used to help employees understand how it all worked so they could operate and maintain the system correctly.

We’ve provided a landscape and watercourse model that educated students on how water moves through a landscape and how it can get polluted. Another example is a double helix model. This was produced to show what a double helix would look like when scaled up, but also provided the museum visitors with information, through colour coding and info blocks, about the double helix.

Whatever the model may entitle, don’t shy away from contacting us by e-mail or phone so we can discuss the possibilities and so we can understand what you would like to use in your model for educational purposes.