Advertising Models

Advertising is used everywhere, and most companies around the world utilise various advertising techniques to attract others towards their company and products. This increases sales and company reputation, a key role to support the success of any company. One great way to advertise is by using signage and models to attract potential customers. This can inform them about your products and why they should consider your service. We at Funky Lemon Design are dedicated to those exact elements of modelling and display! It’s what we specialise in.

We can provide various materials, such as woods for strong structures to allow a long lasting advertising piece that won’t weather or dull. As well as this, we stock all sorts of acrylic sheets, variation in any colour and thickness, which can provide a colourful and eye catching display for your advertising needs, attracting maximum customer attention.

Our large bed laser cutter is perfect for cutting and engraving text and logos to precision. Woods and most plastics are compatible to be used with the laser cutter, so there’s very few limitations. In conjunction with the laser cutting, our range in computer programs, and years in design experience, allow us to design custom signage and logos to your specifications, mixing images, textures and text. Just give us a call or drop us an e-mail to discuss the possibilities, we’re certain we can provide a solution!